Effective Humanism

Accelerating Self-Actualization with TechnoCapital

e/Human is the new investor movement for the new Internet


Human progress has been relentless over the past few decades, and will continue to grow rapidly.We believe things are good and will keep getting better, as the arrow of time flies forward.


Effective Humanism was founded by Amit Rathore after he discovered his own humanity. He was an unabashed technologist before e/Human, and since then, he is still an unabashed technologist.Amit founded AwakeVC to leverage e/Human to accelerate ventures and human progress at an unimaginable scale. If you're a founder who has found your humanity also, then perhaps we build together?


Technology is an amplifier, and tech that amplifies the human mind has the maximum leverage.Tech allows us to scale necessary solutions to the most pressing problems faced by humanity.


Value is in the eye of the beholder, and human beings can and do decide what appeals to them.Nothing can stop the draw to create more positive human experiences and assets that produce value.


The most important metrics are universal and simple to track.Humanity-first means we track stats like the number of new well-paid jobs created, and how many people received comprehensive health and other benefits.It means we focus on the 99%, not on the 1%. It means we invest not just in frugal innovation, but real, practical solutions for daily work, life, and play.


Action over analysis, learning by doing, celebrating failures. We're here to build fast, build together, and build in public, to advance the state of the art for human beings.


Learn more about Effective Altruism, and Effective Accelerationism, and see what's what.


We're looking for more folks to build more with, reach out today! #BuildTogether #BuildInPublic